Why Choose Us? 


Business Strategy and Personal Performance   

Optica recognises the need to integrate business strategy with personal performance and leadership.

Our coaching brings together the two core disciplines of business and executive coaching - coaching on the performance of the business and your role within the business - both vital for sustained success.

Principal coach and founder, Philip Harrisson, brings to the table substantial business experience at the highest level in areas of leadership, general management, strategy, supply chain and financial management. Click here for Philip's biography.

Combining Process and Creativity

Our coaching style uses proven business frameworks and models at the same time as bringing out spontaneity and creativity in the specific areas where our clients need to focus.

Whatever your particular objective, with our coaching approach, we will help you gain deep insights into the issues you face and help you to think beyond the boundaries in your mind.

We will work with you to chart your path to success, giving you your private space where your agenda is the only agenda that counts and let your creative instincts have free rein.

A Multi Disciplinary Approach

As a qualified "multi disciplinary" coach, NLP Master Practitioner and Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapist, Philip brings a completely holistic approach to performance improvement where needed as well as working on issues of life balance and personal values.

In addition, our work with sports performers in developing mental toughness has many helpful applications in the competitive world of business.

Arrange a No Commitment Meeting

We also recognise that coaching is a highly personal service. Optica therefore offers a free initial consultation, not to sell in our service, but to enable you to judge for yourself how our process and approach can drive the needs of your business or career and to be happy with the client-coach relationship which is fundamental to a successful outcome.


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